Estate Planning Guide

Granich Partners have been publishing our Estate Planning Guide for some time in response to the more frequently asked questions that concern many of us regarding the development and protection of our hard earned assets.

The Estate Planning Guide Edition 4 provides an updated and comprehensive guide to the legal issues surrounding wealth creation, asset structuring, Wills and taxes in Western Australia. 

The Estate Planning Guide deals with the following issues: 

  • How to secure your future?

  • What is estate planning?

  • What is a Will? Why keep it up-to-date?

  • What if you die without a Will?

  • What assets cannot be given away in your Will?

  • What is a testamentary trust?

  • How do family trusts work?

  • How is a family trust dealt with in your Will?

  • How are overseas assets dealt with in your Will?

  • What happens when a person is not capable of making a Will?

  • Should you contract to make a Will?

  • Who can challenge a Will?

  • Who should you appoint as executor and what are their duties?

  • Should you make an EPA and/or an EPG?

  • What is capital gains tax?

  • The family farm duty exemption

  • What is the best legal structure for your investments or to conduct business?

  • What are the risks of being a company director?

  • Self managed super funds (SMSF)

  • Financial Planning


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