Can you Trust a Trust?

The family trust or the discretionary trust is a great vehicle for the first generation who set it up.  It provides tax planning and asset protection advantages.  Those advantages arise largely from the fact that nobody “owns” a share or interest in the trust.  However, those very advantages can create serious succession planning problems.

The following are typical problems that can arise in a transfer of a family trust from one generation to another...

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Why superannuation is likely to remain the best tax option

I recently completed a course in Superannuation at Curtin University Business School to up date my knowledge in the area.

Up-to-date knowledge in respect of superannuation generally and self managed superannuation funds in particular is an important component of legal advice with respect to estate planning, asset protection and tax planning.

Superannuation is concessionally taxed in order to encourage people to fund their own retirement without relying on Government pensions.

Currently money put into superannuation...

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