Alex Granich gained a Masters degree in taxation law from the University of Western Australia in 1999.  Whilst Alex has a very high level of tax law knowledge, he does not practice as a tax law specialist but rather as a commercial lawyer with strong taxation credentials as well as a high level awareness of potential tax issues.

However, if specialised tax law advice is required we can offer clients the benefit of our close association with specialists (both barristers and solicitors) in Western Australia and in Melbourne.  We are in a position to narrow a client’s tax problem so that the more costly specialist advice be applied only to the point of contention. 

Further taxation advice from highly qualified tax lawyers are often complex and difficult to understand.  It is often useful to have a solicitor with a strong tax background to assist in the understanding and implementation of such advice.  With our background and experience we are also in a good position to select the best tax law specialist to deal with our clients problems.